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CrimeaPack - Tickets Crimea - Ukrainian Railways, and more ....

CrimeaCrimeaCrimeaCrimea Tickets

CRIMEA how to get there? – Take a train, below are the ticket prices for trips to Crimea.

Order NowHow to get to Crimea?
Lviv ---> Simferopol (pronounced: SIM-FE-RO-POL...)
Kiev ---> Simferopol / Crimea
Kiev ---> Sevastopol / Crimea

LPROUTETicket price
class plackarta
Ticket price
class KUPE
1 PLN = 0,25 EURO
4,0 PLN =
Station DepartureStation Arrival
160 PLN180 PLNThis route takes
you to Crimea
155 PLN195 PLNThe most popular
route to Crimea
3LvivKiev115 PLN160 PLN 
4LvivOdessa130 PLN160 PLNOdessa, Ukraine, you then need to arrange onward travel to Crimea ;-)
140 PLN175 PLNA popular alternative
route to Crimea
135 PLN180 PLNAnother alternative route to Crimea
7KievOdessa100 PLN160 PLNOdessa, Ukraine, you then need to arrange onward travel to Crimea ;-)
115 PLN150 PLNOdessa
is not Crimea ;-)
 Tickets are available in: 
Self-exchange electronic tickets (print) original tickets at railway ticket offices
Ukraine, for example, in Lviv, Kiev.
 **ORIGINAL Paper ticket
Ukrainian railway ticket type: "get on and go and like I`m not worried" :-) Purchased at time of travel
 Extra charge for shipping the original ticket to the address indicated in Poland 29.99 PLN (10 EURO) DHL, UPS, DHL, TNT.
Price of tickets in the car LUX is determined individually.

Price for one-way ticket, for one person on the train:
Kiev ---> Simferopol / Crimea 140 PLN
Lviv ---> Simferopol / Crimea 155 PLN
Kiev ---> Sevastopol / Crimea 135 PLN
Lviv -> Sevastopol / Crimea – this route is not available
Plackarta class is an open compartment comprising of 6 couchettes arranged as 2 and 4 bunks

Plan of the layout of the carriages in class PLACKARTA
Appearance of carriages in class plackarta

Price for one-way ticket, for one person on the train:
Kiev ---> Simferopol / Crimea 175 PLN
Lviv ---> Simferopol / Crimea 195 PLN
Kiev ---> Sevastopol / Crimea 180 PLN
Lviv -> Sevastopol / Crimea - this route is not available
Class Kupe is a lockable compartment for 4 people comprising of 4 bunks

Plan of the layout of the carriages in class Kupe

Appearance of carrages in class of Kupe


for these routes are priced individually, please ask for details.
Class LUX is a very specific carriage, providing very comfortable lockable compartments for only 2 people.

Plan of the layout of the carriage class LUX
Appearance of carriages in class LUX
Can I return by plane from Crimea to Katowice or Krakow (Cracow)?

YES. use our browser Flight ISOLATED (click!) and purchase a flight eg: Simferopol -> Kiev -> Katowice or on the order form in the comments section, please add your requirements and any questions you may have, also details of your plans, etc.

How far in advance do I need to book tickets to Crimea?
In accordance with the regulations, it is RECOMMENDED:
- 60 days before departure, all requirements must already be finalized:
a set of documents (form + deposit). We can then usually guarantee that your purchase will be successful, and this allows time to eliminate any issues.
- Less than 60 days, the chances of completing a booking and providing all the necessary documentation are reduced. However. We will of course do our best to complete your booking.
- Less than 14 days, do not accept your booking as it is not possible to complete the documentation in such a short time span.

On routes within the Ukrainian, a passport is not required to purchase the ticket! However, for your safety, we recommend that passport details are provided. You must have a valid passport to enter Ukraine.

Take a look at the map of Crimea and the Crimean peninsula (click on the map!)

Crimea map Crimea map Crimea map Crimea map 
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