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Categories Hotels, Hotels Categorization ie. "Stars"
 Categorization of Hotels, ie. " Stars "

Hotel - property forming part of the tourism infrastructure, providing consideration sleeping primarily short-term. According to the Polish standards, hotels must have at least 10 the number of rooms, mostly single and double rooms. At the same time should offer a wide range of services related with the stay of tourists.

Categories Hotels and Categorization Hotels

Categorization or categories of hotels is not the concept of universal and uniform throughout the world. Between countries there are differences in the number of stars awarded to hotels for a specific standard ( the same number of stars does not always correspond to the same standard hotel in another country in the world). Sometimes the differences between the asterisks are quite significant in the countries concerned. Therefore, we present a very general description of what rely magic asterisks and their meaning.

General description and explanation of the amount called. "Stars"

Hotel star - one-star category 1 * ( * )
Object of the basic standard and modest equipment rooms (all have private bathrooms ). Designed for less demanding customers.
Hotels in this category must meet the following conditions. The lowest standard in the rooms must be in bed, wardrobe, bedside cabinet and sink. The bathroom may be outside the room.

Two star hotel - two-star category 2 * ( ** )
Simple object middle-class , functional rooms. Hotel of this category must meet the following conditions. Rooms with private bathroom, telephone, television, breakfast included in the price, linen change twice a week, unsophisticated restaurant, a meeting room, lockable rooms.

Star hotel - 3 * category three star 3* ( *** )
Good mid-range hotel, offering competent service and a nice, well-kept rooms. It is the most common category of objects in our offer.
Hotel of this category must meet the following conditions. Larger rooms with nice bathroom , Pay -TV, telephone, air conditioning, daily change of bedding and towels , cleaning. The rooms are soundproof, good quality restaurant, a gym, a wellness center called. Spa, door system on the card, two conference rooms appropriate for the organization of training courses and meetings.

Four-star hotel - 4 * category four-star ( **** )
Comfortable hotel with a high standard of service and accommodation.
Hotel of this category must meet the following conditions. The rooms and the service even better than those of a star, a well- equipped business center, a lot of meeting rooms, two restaurants, a bar, a nightclub, a common swimming pool, a wellness center called. Spa, gym, internet in the rooms, the location in the city center, soundproof windows, soundproof rooms.

Star hotel - 5 * five-star category (***** )
Luxury hotel with the highest standards, meeting the requirements of the most demanding customers.
The best standard smooth difference to the four-star facilities, professional business center with a secretary, a modern security technology, facilities located in the center of the city business centers.

Hotels of higher standard than star

An undoubted example of this hotel is the Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), which offers its guests a huge, several hundred meters and multi-storey apartments with a gold-plated elements of interior design, with gold handles, gold leaf on food, personal butler and a cook, a maid and a team of bodyguards. The cost of a stay of one night in a suite this hotel goes up to tens of thousands of euros per person. Similarly, the newly opened Ritz-Carlton Moscow in Moscow, built on the site of the former Intourist hotel

Mark: + or lux means that an object classified in a category , eg stand out against other objects such as the hotel is new

hotel facilities
International standards of luxury and the Polish Act on Tourist Services has identified the following hotel facilities:
Hotel - an object with at least 10 rooms, including a majority of seats in single and double rooms, providing a wide range of services related with the stay of customers ,
Motel - Hotels located near roads, providing the opportunity to use the services of automotive and possessing parking.
Pension - an object with at least 7 rooms, providing for their customers full board.
Camping ( camping ) - guarded object, allowing overnight in tents, cars, household (campobusach) and trailer vehicles, prepare meals, car parking, as well as providing services connected with the stay of customers. These objects can also allow tourist accommodation in cabins or other solid objects.
House Inn - an object with at least 30 beds, suitable for self-service customers and providing a minimum range of services related with the stay of customers,
Youth - object to individual and group youth tourism, tailored to customer self-service,
Hostels ( Travel ) - facility located outside built-up areas, the hiking trails, providing a minimum range of services related with the stay of customers.
Camping - the object is not secure, allowing overnight in tents.
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