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What are the types, classes and compartments of the Trans-Siberian Railway trains?
Conditons, in which you`ll be travelling for several hours or even days, are somewhat important.
Thus, here are some informations about the wagons themselves. The wagons can be devided into three basic categories, based on the class of wagon and type of seats. It`s a slighty different matter when it comes to trains commonly known as "Elektryczki (Elektrychky) " and the Russian high seed trains named "SAPSANs". The most basic division of wagons is:
- LUX Wagon,
- Kupe Wagon,

- Plackarta Wagon

LUX Wagon.

As the name indicates, it`s the standard of luxury and comfort. The wagon includes nine lockable double compartments (numbered with Roman numerals) and is designed for 18 passengers . There`s, of course, a first class sleeping car (usually two or three per each train). Wagons also have TVs, very comfortable beds with duvets, self-service tables, sometimes even compartmental toilets, only for particular`s passenger disposal. Breakfasts and other meals are served on request. LUX Wagon is the most expensive one, you know, no comfort is for free. The price of this type of car is comparable with a first class airplane ticket. This is a regular option of those with money and acrohobia. It`s also an interesting idea for a honeymoon or a trip for VIP. LUX-class carriages are available on Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian routes.
Kolej Transsyberyjska wagon LUXKolej Transsyberyjska wagon LUXKolej Transsyberyjska wagon LUXKolej Transsyberyjska wagon LUX

Kupe Wagon (Kupiejny) CB (SW)
Wagons with lockable compartments quadruple (4), there are two places lower and the top two places. The whole wagon is also nine (I-IX) intervals and is 36 passengers. It is also a sleeping car, quite convenient especially if the family goes, or "pack of friends." We can compare this to the Polish couches, and conventionally this class 2. In the car, there are two toilets, a samovar with boiling water a minimum of 85 * C, electrical outlets, sometimes it is also air conditioning. Kupe Wagon class is also included in the ticket price bed linen. The Trans-Siberian Railway trains class cars bought account for about 30-40% of total wagons full composition. As for the price class wagon bought it is comparable to the price of air travel in economy class on a particular journey. Class cars bought are increasingly modern ecological toilets, at least warehouses recoiling to: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Polish, Germany, Italy, France, Slovakia, Austria. Cars bought a ride on the railway TransMandurskiej and turn TransMongolskiej. An interesting fact on these routes, they are also varieties wagons: Russian, Mongolian and Chinese.
Kolej Transsyberyjska wagon KUPEKolej Transsyberyjska wagon KUPEKolej Transsyberyjska wagon KUPEKolej Transsyberyjska wagon KUPE

Wagon Plackarta (Plackartnyj)
This is an unusual car, but the most popular when it comes to the Trans-Siberian railway is about 60-70% of the total composition. The car has 9 boxes not sealed which are something like interval. Boxes are 6 cars, two sites are inside the upper box, the two places are lower inside the box and two space corridor one place upper and one lower. The lower space corridor can be a quick way to convert on a table with two seats. Wagon class Plackarta porównalibymy to Polish sliperetki, though not completely. The whole wagon class Plackarta is 54 passengers. The wagon is fully sleeping, promotes a very good integration. In the car there are two toilets, a samovar with boiling water, electric sockets. Bed linen is a surcharge or you can order it directly at the time of ticket purchase. Frequently Plackart travel real travelers and Polish students. Plackarty price is much lower than the plane ticket, hence the large popularity of this car and this way of travel Trans-Siberian Railroad. Contained knowledge and friendships just in the car Plackarta often belong to quite historical. Plackarta a real life railroad and real life in Russia. Wagons type Plackarta can meet at any Rail Russia and the former Soviet Union, run on Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Curiosity, Plackarty not run on European routes to the European Union (exception: Sheets, Latvia, Estonia) and Rail Trans-Manchurian and Trans-Mongolian railway.
Kolej Transsyberyjska wagon PlackartaKolej Transsyberyjska wagon PlackartaKolej Transsyberyjska wagon Plackarta

Wagon Obshci,
It really wagon type Plackarta, only the seats instead of sleeping. In boxing there are nine seats, and these boxes are nine. This arrangement places used only during travel up to 1000 km. The train takes 81 passengers, is more like a Polish carriages sitting very old type. This type of travel is quite specific, ticket prices are the cheapest, but when it comes to convenience and comfort so you can travel on really short distances.

Interesting comments,
Each type of cars takes 2 people use, Prawadnic (conductress) and assistants (helpmate conductress). The guide has enough real power in your car, including the invocation of the Railway Police Station, which is on all trains going over 1,000 km. In turn, the Russian wagons full ban applies: alcohol and smoking, except there are only wagons bar. In particular, it is strictly enforced ban on alcohol during the trip... in the presence of children - according to the Russian law on education in sobriety.
The toilet in the cars class: Kupe, Plackarta, Obci is closed for 10-15 minutes before the stations and during the stop at the same station, the so-called sanitary zone.
The wagon of each class are admitted only and only genuine passengers on the basis of a valid personal ticket, which provides a large safety in cars Trans-Siberian Railway, and more.
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