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What types of trains has the Trans-Siberian Railway?
Transsyberian train, train Transsyberyjskiemu is not equal. So a little bit about trains Trans-Siberian Railway and carefully about the types of trains.

Colloquially, it is said: The train Transsyberian, Transsib. However, the same compositions railway, the Trans-Siberian trains as a holistic have some very interesting differences. This applies to both ticket prices, and how time travel and the comfort.

Trans-Siberian Railway is generally 5 types of trains and... 4 types of places in the cars, and 3 types of the same classes of cars. This does not compare to turn Polish or Western Europe. Hence, comparisons are not entirely possible, but let`s try to introduce in the most simple way. Let`s start from the same types of trains Trans-Siberian Railway, are:

Rassija1Trains Firmienne (Corporate) - it`s kind of our trains such as: PKP Intercity, EC a Russian Expresy. Firmienne trains are the fastest Trans-Siberian Railway trains stop only at selected major stations, very expensive, but also very representative of trains. They have the latest and greatest cars and the most beautiful and most experienced ticket collectors. It`s a business card Trans-Siberian Railway and the entire Russian Railways. Price of tickets for these trains is the highest. Trains firmienne often have their own individual names eg. Rassija, Listocka, Arktika, Volga, the Irtysh, lotus, Okiean, Ob, Poliarnaja Strela, Leo Tolstoy, and many other interesting names. The most famous train Firmiennym Trans-Siberian Railway is a train "Rassija" (Russia) riding on the route Moscow - Vladivostok. The train cars are Firmiennych rugs, decorative stucco and a few other interesting details of ornamental and amenities.

Moskwa WoronezTrains Skore Pasazhyrskie (Fast Passenger) - something like our TLK Airlines Railway trains and express whether or hasty. There are trains Trans-Siberian Railway recoiling fairly quickly, but stop at most of the major stations on the route. Ticket prices are not so expensive and there are also so-representational compositions Trans-like trains firmienne, company. They have virtually the same kinds of cars and places a little worse service, but the price is really attractive here. Cars often are modern and comfortable with a distinctive painting gray-white with red letters RZD. They go on different routes, clean and elegant with a very nice konduktorkami. They have stucco train company and do not have names, but they can safely travel and see both Russia and other countries. These trains take more wagons with seats Plackarta.

AnnapaTrains Pasazhyrskie (Passenger) - this is the equivalent of our InterRegio. Trains Trans-Siberian Railway labeled pasażyrskie, the slowest trains. They stop at almost all stations the route for their journey time is just longer. They have a slightly older cars, often quite worn-but always efficient and everything works properly. The price of these trains is virtually the same as prone Pasażyrskich. If you go to a smaller town, it`s probably just train Pasażyrskim. This concerns not only the Trans-Siberian Railway, but virtually all railways in Russia. These trains also run to the intermediate stations for example. Moscow - Irkutsk, or slightly shorter distances few days. Very often only the travel time and the number of stations on the line distinguishes them from fast pasażyrskich. These are not bad trains Trans-Siberian Railway, are also so comfortable... they can go ahead and travel safely.

Sapsan- Fast Train Russia, SAPSAN or peregrine falcon. This high-speed train Russian or those who prefer high-speed railways and really speed travel makes impression here. SAPSAN-y occur, however, if only a few routes. You can compare them to our Polish Pendolino, the SAPSAN-y are much, much faster... ;-) On the route Moscow - St. Petersburg route 715 km defeat in... 3 hours 5 minutes (or 3 hours 20 minutes) and the average traveling speed is 220 km / h, the train can accelerate on the route up to 250 km / h and the maximum speed of the SAPS to 350 km / h. I mean, just the Russian high speed train. SAPSAN-y is not the end of the Siberian railway. However, it is worth to know them because they overcome several sections on the route Trans-Siberian Railway, eg. Route Moscow - Nizhny Nowgorad. Perhaps in the future there will be many more to ride and will be on different routes. There is a high probability that a person traveling to Moscow or St. Petersburg, will see just SAPSAN-y.

ElektryczkaElektryczki, commuter trains, intercity. This is the equivalent of our electric commuter trains or regional trains. This is not the Siberian railway, but Elektryczki move along this route in sections. It is a separate part of the Russian railways, the trains run up to 1000 km, between the larger two, three cities and several towns and have only seats. It may happen that eg. Between Omsk and Novosibirsk, just such a Suburban happen you go. Elektryczki have three classes of sites, there are also so-called fast elektryczki. Sometimes you need the Suburban to get to the station.

Of course, every rule there are exceptions, especially when it comes to trains Railways Trans-Manchurian and Trans-Mongolian Railway, but it already write in the subject line of the trans-Siberian railway carriages themselves. ;-)
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