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Our offer to cooperation: Ttravel Office WADi "Na Wschd"

Travel Agency WADi "The East" operates on the market since 2006. Since that time, is a specific link between the Polish and Eastern countries.
Currently, the expansion of Polish tourists and businessmen eastern border is a source of enormous opportunities to increase sales turnover of tourist services. It is an opportunity for growth and expansion is your Tourist Office.
Agencies , Offices and Companies who want to open up new markets, already thinking about the appearance of the East - the market of opportunities, where there are millions of opportunities and interesting products.

Travel Office WADi "The East" will help you take the first step right there - in the East:
- Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia,
- Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus,
- Kazakhstan ,
- Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan,
- Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,
- China, Mongolia,

We offer you :


Our flagship product is - TICKETS Railway :

- Russia (including the Trans-Siberian Railway )
- China (Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mandzurian, Trans-Tibetan)
- Mongolia,
- Kazakhstan,
- Belarus,
- Ukraine (and including the Crimea) ...
- Accommodation different standards
- Travel, Vacations,
- Tours,
- Exotic Expeditions (Eastern Europe, Asia, Asia Average)
- Events Award - Integration
And the service ... business trips (Visas, tickets, Accommodation, Transfers, Piloting, Translator)

Products for the market: POLAND
Vouchers - Invitations:
- Russia (Coach, Business)
- Belarus (Coach)
- Poland (for Foreigners - Coach)
- Azerbaijan (Coach)
- Uzbekistan (Coach)
- Kazakhstan (Coach)
- Turkmenistan (Coach)

- Russia: Tourist Visa, Transit Visa, Poly, Long - Business Visa,
- Belarus Tourist Visa, Transit, Transit - Long-term,
- China, Multiple Visa: Coach, Transit)
- Mongolia Tourist Visa, Transit Visa,
- Azerbaijan Tourist Visa, Transit Visa,
- Armenia Tourist, Transit Visa,
- Kazakhstan Tourist Visa, Transit Visa,
- Uzbekistan Multiple Visa: Coach, Transit Visa,
- Turkmenistan Tourist Visa, Transit Visa,
- Tajikistan Multiple Visa: Coach Visa, Transit Visa,
- Kyrgyzstan: Multiple Visa, Coach, Transit Visa,

The flagship product - Train tickets :
1. Ukrainian Railways:

Lviv - >> Crimea
Lviv - >> Moscow
and other routes

2. Russian Railways:
Trans-Siberian Railway:
Moscow - >> Baikal, Siberia, Mongolia, China... and even North Korea.
Moscow - St. Petersburg
Moscow - >> Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan,
and other routes

3. Belarusian Railways:

Grodno - >> Minsk, Brest - >> Minsk, Brest - >> Smolensk, Grodno - >> Smolensk
and other routes

4. Kazakh Railways:
Astana - >> Amaata, Astana - >> Arys, Astana - >> Dzhambul, Astana - Karaganda >>
and other routes

5. Uzbek Railways:
Tashkent - >> Samarkand, Tashkent - Bukhara
and other routes

Railways Asian States
1. Chinese Railway
2. Mongolian Railway

Member of the European Railway
Deutsche Bahn
Austrian railways
Italian Railway
Czech railways
Slovak railways
Finnish railways
Polish railways
Mixed Connections:
* Rail + Air,
* Railway + flights + Coaches,
* Rail + Bus Service

Airlines Member of the ex USSR + ASIA
# Aeroflot
# S7
# UTAir
# KievAvia
# AeroSvit
# Donbass Aero
# Air China
and many, many others

Book of Nights:

+ Hostel,
+ Hotel,
+ Pension,
+ Tourist Base,
+ Guest Rooms, Flats.

Options : Standard, Standard Plus, Celebrities, Group Option, Option Car.
- Russian visas: the territory of Russia,
- Belarussian visas: the territory of Belarus,
- Ukrainian: on the territory of Ukraine,
- For Schengen visas: the Schengen territory,
- For visa Polish: Only on Polish territory,
- Other countries (Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia..) Sum Insurance: from 15.000 Euro to 60.000 Euro HC and OC 100.000 Euro.

Organization of Excursions and Expeditions
# Planning trips, expeditions
# Security Logistics, visas, insurance, permits, licenses, passes
# Accommodation for groups in hotels, guesthouses,
# Transport for Groups: Train tickets, Flights, Coaches, book coach, minibus
# Local Transportation Group: Railway Ticket Booking, reservation coach, minibus, local calls
# Group tickets, museums, local attractions
# Pilot - guardian Polish - Russian, English- Polish, English - Russian
# Implementation of 100 % of the planned excursions,

^ Transfers in Poland
^ Transfers between airports
^ Transfers to airports in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria
^ Rental Coach of 30-70 seats, a few coaches - several groups
^ Minibus rental

Travel Guide schemes :

- Travel Guide, Travel Guide Tour Polish - Russian language
- Travel Guide, Travel Guide Tour Polish - English speaking
- Travel Guide, Travel Guide Tour - Translator ( Polish - Russian ) for example, when the Fair Trade Talks.

Press and Accessories
- Guides, maps,
- CD: Music in Russian, Ukrainian,
- DVD: films in Russian, Ukrainian,
- Press:in Russian, Ukrainian,
- Return on the keyboard: Cyrillic: Russian + Ukrainian,
- SIM cards: network Ukrainian,
- SIM cards: network Russian,
- SIM cards: network Polish,
Plan trips, excursions.
Provide Travel Guide - guardian: Polish - Russian, English- Russian.

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