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Tickets Russian Railway

Examples of Railway Tickets Prices
Russian Railways / Rossijska Zelazna Daraga

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(1 PLN = 0,25 EURO, 1 PLN = 0,30 USD)


Typeof ticket

Class wagon Plackarta
Box open
4+2 person

Class wagon KUPE
Box closed
4 person

Class wagon LUX
Box closed
 2 person

Time Travel

Moscow --> Uan BatorOrginal  1650 PLN  144 h
Moscow --> PekinOrginal 2600 PLN 144 h 
Moscow --> Pekin via Ulan-BatorOrginal 2250 PLN  
Moscow -->SmolenskOrginal100 - 180 PLN200 - 310 PLN360 PLN5-7h 
Moscow --> Sankt Petersburg Orginal140 - 530 PLN350-500 PLN550-860 PLN 4-10 h 
Moscow --> WorkutaOrginal350 PLN780-880 PLN2000 PLN 40-49 h
Moscow --> MurmanskOrginal330 - 500 PLN640 - 880 PLN1850pln32-39 h
Moscow --> OmskOrginal 400 - 500pln1000 - 1500 PLN2000 - 3000 PLN 38-47 h
Moscow --> NowosibirskOrginal 490 - 630 PLN1200 - 1885 PLN2380 - 4000 PLN 47-56 h
Moscow --> TommotOrginal 2025 PLN  140h
Moscow --> IrkuckOrginal 635 - 1050 PLN1565 - 2800 PLN5200 PLN 74-87 h
Moscow --> SludiankaOrginal720 - 1100 PLN1700 - 2650 PLN5350 PLN77-90 h
Moscow --> Uan-Ude Orginal740 PLN 1760 - 2715 PLN5550 PLN 82-95 h
Moscow --> Biszkek Orginal 890 PLN1570 PLN  75 h
Moscow --> AstanaOrginal 760 PLN1300 PLN 55-60 h
Moscow --> Ama-AtaOrginal780 PLN1250 PLN 79 h 
Moscow --> Arys Orginal 1000 PLN1910 PLN2400 PLN62 h
Moscow --> TashkentOrginal 1050 PLN1900 PLN2400 PLN 69 h
Moscow --> SamarkandOrginal    
Moscow --> KhabarowskOrginal 870 - 1300 PLN 2140 - 3200 PLN6700 PLN  133-148 h 
Moscow --> WladiwostokOrginal 890-1350 PLN2200 - 3300 PLN6800 PLN146-161h
How early must book tickets to Siberia, Lake Baikal, to China ...?
accordance with the Regulations, RECOMMENDED:
- 60 days prior to departure, all requirements must already be finalized: a set of documents (form No. Passports + deposit. We guarantee that if the purchase is successful on 99.9% ;-)
- Less than 60 days, your chances of falling !!! then we do not guarantee that the purchase will be executed at 99.9%, but we will try to buy it.
- Less than 14 days do not take the order ... who does not know how to plan? This is not going and sitting at home! :-)

Original tickets do not need to exchange - get in and you`re going.
Online reservations need to be replaced on the original tickets at the ticket offices of the railway daneg carrier.
Trains Russian No. 1-150 Internet reservations do not require replacement for the original tickets, but from experience we recommend the replacement.
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