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Price Ticket: Trans-Siberian Railway, Trans-Mongolian Railway, Trans-Manchurian Railway,
Price on the Trans-Siberian Railway ticket depends on the exchange rate, the departure date, tickets Tam, Tam tickets + Return, type of train and class of carriage.
On the same route, the trains may have different prices depending on the class of car, type of train and its travel time and route. Trans-Siberian Railway ticket is purchased in a foreign currency, so the price is changing almost daily and depends on a minimum of 2 courses of currencies and the exchange rate of the banks.
Price lists We specially designed our algorithm mathematics and informatics, which multiplies, divides, adds and subtracts uwgldniajc all variable parameters of the client order a ticket, including ... the weather in Russia on the basis of its temperature.

Therefore, the price is calculated each time based on your request for a ticket Trans-Siberian Railway :-)

ticket Trans-Siberian RailwayIf you want to get an accurate price data connection Trans-Siberian railway, ask us a question stating:
- The date of departure,
- Route: where to where you want to go,
- Class wagon,
- The type of train
- How many people will be going,
We will try to quickly route and measured answer...

ticket Trans-Siberian RailwayApproximate prices of railway tickets-electronic original Russian Railway, Trans-Siberian Railway (International calls).

The route of the train,
The name of the train

Box can not be closed
4 + 2 persons
Class KUPE
Box closed
4 persons
Class LUX
Box closed
2 persons

Time travel
in hours

Comments additional train runs


International connection - Approximate prices in Euro


Lviv - Moscow


25 h

Every day

Kiev - Moscow91 - 99132 - 145230 - 26712 ~ 14 hEvery day
Kiev - Mineralnyje Wody
   ~ hPeriodically
Moscow - Astana163208None55 hEven days
Moscow - Almaty177225None79 hEven days
Moscow - Taschkent
via Kazakhstan
219 - 245289 - 330171564 hMonday, Sunday
Moscow - UlaanbaatarNone320 - 335499 - 51699 hWednesday, Thursday
Moscow - ErdenetNone32448499 hThursday, Saturday
Moscow - Beijing
None619944145 hSaturday
Moscow - Beijing
via Mongolia
None558877127 hTuesday
Visa Mongolia
Irkutsk - UlaanbaatarNone145 - 149207 - 21533 ~ 35 hEvery day
Irkutsk - Beijing
None37255870 hWednesday
Irkutsk - Beijing
via Mongolia
None33447152 hSaturday
Visa Mongolia
Novosibirsk - Beijing
None464703100 hMonday
Novosibirsk - Peking
via Mongolia
None42466381 hThursday
Krasnoyarsk - Beijing
None428645 - 80388 hTuesday
Krasnoyarsk - Beijing
via Mongolia
None390599 - 65570 hThursday
Visa Mongolia

Tschita - Beijing

None299449 - 563

50 h


Tschita - MandschureiNone118None15 ~ 17 hThursday, Saturday
Grodjekowo - SujfenheNone48None2 hEvery day
Zabaikalsk - MandschureiNone45None1 hThursday, Friday

* All prices may change slightly depending on currency exchange rates,
* Prices vary depending on departure date and train in summer season July - September usually apply the highest rates +20%,
* All prices are electronic tickets (one ticket send e-mail, with a printed ticket and passport, you can immediately get on a train and go). Sometimes still get a ticket which necessarily need to replace the ticket offices in Russia,
* To avoid all electronic tickets - we can supply you home as the original - additional shipping costs 200 PLN (50 Euro).

While early I have to book train tickets?
According to our rules, it is RECOMMENDED:
- 60 days prior to departure, all requirements must be already finalized: set path of travel, interchange, stops, completed order form, payment made. Then we guarantee that the purchase will be perfectly at 99.9%
- Less than 60 days of purchase opportunities are falling and no longer guarantee that everything will be completed Idel at 99.9%. Of course we will try to execute the order as far as possible with the available quantities of places and trains.
- Less than 14 days may be difficulties with the order. On some trains, especially during the holiday season may be no vacancies.
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