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Cooperation - Introduction
Travel Agency WADi operates on the market since 2006. Since that time, is a specific link between the Polish and eastern markets. Currently, the expansion of Polish companies for the eastern border is the source of immense opportunities to increase production and sales, opportunity for growth and expansion. Companies who want to open up new markets, today think about the appearance of the East - the market of opportunities, where millions of consumers are waiting for their product.

Travel Agency WADi help you take the first step to the East:
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, China, Mongolia.
We offer:


- Implementation of the visa formalities
- Intermediation in buying railway tickets, airline
- Reservation of accommodation
- Information on the specifics of traveling to the countries of the East
- Monitoring of departure and piloting persons by
- Transfer of cash to 10.000 Euro


- Search for potential partners
- Preparation of commercial offers
- Support business correspondence
- Translations (Russian , Belarusian, Ukrainian )
- Assistance in contact by phone and e- mailowym


- Current information about the fair in the East
- Application Companies at the fair
- Assistance in organizing a stand at the fair
- Assistance during the fair ( a trip to the fair our staff - translator )

If you are interested in working with WADI.fhu , please feel free to contact us and specify the scope of cooperation. The next step will be to prepare a detailed offer by us in accordance with the specific activities of your company , and then meeting : conference call , or a personal meeting in your company.

He wants to enter the market of the east, where to start? ...
So... Call or contact us ;-)

Step 1
We start from the meeting is:
- What do you need?
- What are your expectations?
- How much and what funds you spend for this purpose?

Step 2
It`s mostly a web page in Russian , so the translation and domain NAZWA.ru and promote you to a market of 350 million ( MILLION ) customers !
We are also preparing your catalogs, business cards j Russian , you have something to show potential customers and left clear for them to contact each other and your business.

Step 3
It aids in trips to fairs and exhibitions to the countries in which you exist.
Initially, going as observers and we establish contacts with time as exhibitors.
Do you have catalogs , business cards and so ... only to present.

Step 4
This make further increasing further the knowledge and contacts and position to serve customers with the person speaking Russian in two languages?, knows the reality , who is capable to put all the necessary documents to pick up e-mails, phone calls, etc.
Foreigners prefer here with a good first Polish . We have your database specialists.
Or... we do it for you.

Step 5
You already earn... we are delighted ...
You order no longer with us just type products VISA ? Invitations Tickets?
After all, you have to visit clients and contractors meet !

Step 6 - not for everyone!
You open your company, agency or factory already in the country such as Ukraine, Belarus or Russia... and maybe who knows? even in an exotic Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan.

The whole process around one year grass ... if you expect after 2 weeks of effect ? No - This is a mistake.
It is a complex process to market you met and tamed to your business .

Costs that incur turning 3-4 times (sometimes up to 10 times ! ) And are an investment for several years ahead and secured a permanent source of selling goods.

If these 6 steps did not convince you to:
- We work with all the consulates of the Republic of Poland in the former Soviet Union.
- We also work with Embassies and Consulates :
other consulates ...

We have a database of what is happening currently in the country present, and future projections will grow as your business, you may be risks and problems.

There is no other way ! - It just HAS to go.
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